NPHS adjusts academic lab procedure

Written by Dawson Eastes
Academic lab time is a beloved part of the week for both students and teachers. It is a time for students to get their school work done, interact with their classmates, and participate in clubs.

For teachers, it is a time to catch up on work and host a club in their classroom for students.

This year, NPHS adjusted the lab procedure. Each student was assigned a new lab teacher, and each teacher has a class of students in the same grade during their academic lab period.

Adam Barton

Adam Barton

First year assistant principal and former dean of students, Adam Barton said, “Over the last few years our club growth has a created a situation where there are not teachers available to do academic work. We are trying to limit the club opportunities so we can have academic time during the academic labs.”

Science teacher, Darlene Seifert said, “Each grade is going to be doing things together. Instead of every teacher having to do deal with releasing their seniors out of class, only teachers with a full class of seniors will need to be notified. The new procedure helps teachers and administrators keep track of students.”

It was hard for administrators to know where students were during academic lab. Students basically roamed the halls whenever they wanted during this period, but adjustments in the procedure has allowed administrators to keep students in their lab homeroom unless they have a pass.

“There are so many people in so many different spots than they are supposed to be,” Barton said. “We didn’t have a very good procedure of tracking which clubs were happening. In a situation where we needed to pull someone out of a class, we weren’t always very successful in finding them. Our new process makes it easier to track students.”

Barton also said, “Academic labs were almost gotten rid of a few years ago, but club growth didn’t allow teachers to help students with their academic work.”

Sophomore Aubrey Neese said, “I 100 percent think academ

Aubrey Neese

Aubrey Neese

The new academic lab changes should not affect students very much. Academic labs are a time for schoolwork and a time to interact with friends. It is still possible to do both of these things even with new procedures.

“The new labs have not really affected me that much, but it kind of gives you a chance to make new friends or get to have lab with your original friends you didn’t have lab with before,” Neese said.

New academic lab changes are a benefit to administrators, teachers, and also students.

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