Opinions on AP classes

Written By: Catrina Lambert


AP psychology textbook

Photo By: Catrina Lambert

When a student reaches their junior year at New Palestine High School, they have the option of taking Advanced Placement, or AP, classes.

These classes are college level courses that count for a high school credit as well as a college credit, if you pass the AP exam at the end of the year. AP classes are offered as it helps you stand out in the college application classes and allows a student to take more challenging classes that will prepare them for education outside of high school.

Almost all juniors take AP classes in this year, as it’s the one colleges look at during applications, though some take more classes than others.

It isn’t recommended to take more than three in a year, and many seniors continue to take AP classes in their final year too. Since the classes are difficult, yet more interesting, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there is a variety of opinions on it. Some find the workload difficult.

“(AP classes) aren’t difficult, but the work amount is what makes it hard. I haven’t seen it get worse in difficulty, just a whole lot of work. I’m literally running off of four hours of sleep,” NPHS junior Taylor Roberts said.

Others find the classes interesting.

“The AP classes are challenging, but stimulate higher learning- that is to say, they’re entertaining as well,” NPHS junior Jessica Buchanan said.             

“I’m taking three AP classes. I think they’re useful, and they save money for colleges,” NPHS junior Ellie Harris said.


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