Lengthy hair becoming popular among football players

Written by: Dawson Eastes

Lengthy luscious locks of hair beneath the armor of a football helmet have never been very popular for football players.

Clay Matthews, Troy Polamalu and Tom Brady are just a few names of NFL greats who have been able to pull off having a long head of hair while playing football.

Inspiration for each person who grows out their hair is different.

Sophomore offensive lineman, Jacob Brittsan, who sports a head of curly, dark brown hair that nearly reaches his shoulders and is held back by a headband, has a much more comical reasoning for growing out his hair.

“I decided I wanted to grow out my hair because I want to have a mullet before Christmas,” Brittsan said.

The classic 90’s haircut, with the nickname, “business in the front, party in the back” will be proudly worn by Brittsan by the end of this football season.

“I just thought it would be funny to grow out my hair into a mullet,” Brittsan said while giggling.

Brian Bosworth, a college football legend who played linebacker for the Oklahoma Sooners and had a brief stint in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks, is the most well-known football player to rock the mullet.

Brittsan said the reaction to his long hair has not been positive.

“I’ve gotten a lot of hate for having long hair. My grandma is one of the only people who likes my long hair,” Brittsan said.

Maxen Hook, a sophomore linebacker and wide receiver for the Dragons who has light brown, curly hair that is pulled back by a headband, has been growing his hair out for about a year.

“I think long hair looks good and we have to grow our hair out for football season and I just haven’t cut it since last football season,” Hook said.

Hook said he also has gotten some negative reaction.

Hook said, “Mostly older people don’t like my hair. Younger people seem to like it.”

Audrey Poole, a sophomore at NPHS, is fond of guys having long hair.

Poole said, “I think long hair great because it makes guys look more manly.”

Not only does long hair make Brittsan appear more manly, but it also gives him an edge on the football field.

“Having long hair makes me more confident about myself. It gives me a swag on and off the field that I didn’t have before,” Brittsan said.

Men having long hair is becoming a phenomenon, not only for football players, but for pop culture.

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