Recap: McGregor vs Mayweather

Written by: Elisha Deluhery

For several months, speculation arose about a potential return for recently retired boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Sitting atop a 49-0 record, Mayweather had nothing left to prove. No reason to return. Unless… he could be enticed to make history. The lure of the MMA world clashing with the boxing had been growing within the “fighting community” for quite some time. And with, undoubtedly, the top UFC contestant Conor McGregor shot-calling at Mayweather an opportunity emerged to settle both disputes. With a McGregor/Mayweather fight, the world could witness the aforementioned clash and Mayweather could settle his new beef.
Preliminary talks began about this hypothetical fight between the two with each competitor taking verbal jabs at one another. Eventually, those jabs turned into some serious negotiations. After months of will-they-won’t-they talks, a date was set. The hypothetical had become a reality.
The date was set for Aug. 26th. McGregor and Mayweather had approximately six months to prepare for the fight.
McGregor trained vigorously to readjust his various MMA fighting styles into a contemporary southpaw boxing routine. Mayweather, two years retired, trained simply to get back to form. Both would need all they could get. McGregor held the age advantage, just 29 to Mayweather’s 40, while Mayweather held the experience advantage with nearly 20 years spent in the ring.
Six months of smacktalk and training pass. It’s August 26th. Fight night. Out walks McGregor and Mayweather to the ring.
During the first three rounds, McGregor seemed to be doing the impossible. As a heavy underdog going into the fight, McGregor scored 10-10-10, besting Mayweather to start the fight.
Watching the fight, McGregor fought with tenacity. He went straight for Mayweather right out of the gate. Mayweather seemed to take the opposite approach. Pacing. As early as the first round, Mayweather was clearly playing defense and just waiting for McGregor to tire down.
“Mayweather went into it with (a) great strategy,” senior Nico Martin said.
Rounds 4-7 saw a reversal. Mayweather, while still playing a majority defense, was able to pick up his fighting pace. He began to land more punches, dodge more hits and continue to wind McGregor down. McGregor did his best to stay in the fight, which he did for some time, but it was obvious that he wouldn’t be able to go into later rounds. He started had started to slow physically. Mayweather took 4-7, 10-10-10.
Round eight signaled the beginning of the end. Mayweather had stretched his energy while McGregor had expended his. Round eight was full of wrap-ups and defense. Round 9 was no different.
The tenth round lasted until 1:05 was left in the round. McGregor had become quite woozy thanks to a couple of Mayweather power shots and was nearly knocked out before the fight was called. Mayweather had won.
Statistically, McGregor fought better than (the injured) Manny Pacquiao did against Mayweather. He ended up landing more punches in less rounds. However Mayweather, despite his seemingly lackadaisical approach, actually had been besting McGregor from the get-go. According to boxing tracker CompuBox, Mayweather landed 58% of his power punches and outlanded his opponent 170-111 in the first six rounds and 130-60 in the last four. The judges even had Mayweather pegged for a win before the fight was called 87-83, 89-82 and 89-81.
“It was pretty entertaining. I didn’t like the fact that I had to stay up until Sunday morning, but it was definately a lot more entertaining than the Pacquiao fight. I was hoping McGregor would win, but I felt that Mayweather was going to win based off just experience.” senior Tyler Young said.
“It sucked that Mayweather won because he played defense the entire match, but it was a good fight.” senior Colby Wagoner said.
The final product, the smack-talk mixed with the hype and the actual fight, I found was surprisingly satisfying. McGregor, even though he lost, really hung in there and went toe-to-toe with the best boxer in the world. Sure, four rounds had to go down for the fight to count, but still. The fact that McGregor was able to hold on for another six rounds made the fight well worth the $99 ticketed amount.


Seniors Tyler Young (floor) and Jacob Ackerman (standing) watch the McGregor vs Mayweather fight

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