Half-Day Reflection

Written by: Catrina Lambert

On Wednesday, Aug. 30th, the Southern Hancock School district experienced a half day, one of four scheduled to occur this school year. To make up to the lost school, teachers utilized e-learning to continue assignments out-of-school. This is similar to what is done during snow days so that the school day doesn’t have to be made up. Many students liked this day and the free time it granted.

“I liked it because I felt more motivated to get my work done during class which felt really nice, and I liked the fact that I got more time to relax because. I don’t get enough sleep, which was nice to relax and have an excuse to sleep,” sophomore Madison Young said.

The e-learning is also seen to be useful in the future.

“I liked it because I was able to go home and relax and take my time on my work. I thought the e-learning was a good idea and would be beneficial during the winter months,” sophomore Mallory Barnes said.

Mostly, the e-learning was relatively easy.

“I liked (the e-learning), it was pretty good. I expected them to be normal honestly, I didn’t think it was very hard,” sophomore Emma Nobbe said.

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