“It” is a good kind of scary

Written by: Elisha Deluhery

During the fall of 1988 a batch of children go missing in the seemingly quiet town of Derry, Maine. Over the following months a group of friends, known as “The Losers”, go looking for the lost kids only to find a creepy and mysterious evil is behind the abductions. An evil that takes the form of a psychotic clown named Pennywise. Together the “Losers” must fight alongside one another to stop Pennywise and the abductions once and for all.
To start this review, I’ll say this. I do not like horror movies. More often than not I find their typically low-budget production gives the audience a you-get-what-you-paid-for vibe. They usually have bad acting, bad dialogue, bad plots, et cetera et cetera. And with low-budget horror, especially, I find that more often than not they use the same cookie-cutter jump scares, the same dumb protagonists and the same boring and vaguely satisfying endings. “It” does none of this. Much like 2017’s earlier horror release “Get Out”, “It” feels fresh and inventive. There’s not your typical bad jump scares, or bad acting or bad plot at all. “It” is not only a great horror movie, but actually a great movie as well.
Imagine the kids from another Stephen King adaption “Stand By Me”, but instead of going to find a dead body they’re going to fight an evil clown. That is exactly what “It” is reminiscent of to me. It is almost as if “It” interspersed an evil clown into a nostalgic coming-of-age movie instead of the other way around. The kids in this movie are absolutely phenomenal and are given room to portray themselves in a realistic way due to the movie’s R-rating (which the movie takes full advantage of by the way). They’re all super-likable, especially Richie (played by “Stranger Things” star Finn Wolfhard) who delivers some of the most savage one-liners ever, and are completely believable as friends.
Along with the whole childhood friends aspect of the film, there’s also the horror. Like mentioned before, oh man, is “It” good. Though not as scary as a movie like “The Conjuring”, “It” certainly doesn’t leave room for any horror disappointments. Without trying to give anything away, all I’ll say is this. You will get scared. There’s too many chilling moments to not get at least some goosebumps. Plus, there’s all different kinds of horror tactics in “It”. You’ve got some scenes with jump scares (good ones), some with body horror and others with eerily realistic domestic human horror.
“It was thrilling. Not too scary, but very thrilling. One of the most intense movies I’ve ever seen.” senior Tyler Young said.


“It” director Andy Muschietti rightfully deserves a ton of attention after knocking “It” out of the park. With the film opening up to the highest September release of all time and “It” becoming the highest grossing opening-weekend for a horror movie of all time ($117 million), there’s no reason to doubt whether or not he’ll return to helm the sequel. With the next chapter in the story taking place 27 years after the first’s events, fans have already started fantasy-casting the next “It” movie even though a date for the sequel has not been set.

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