How many colors

Written by: Alex Mohr

Orange,” sophomore Chloe Dillon said.

There are may colors out there, and the world has lots to offer regarding color choices. If anyone wants a favorite color, all that person has to do is look around with their eyes and pick one. Not only is it free, it’s also legal! Like taking candy from a child!

Many people will ask others what their favorite color is, but they never ask why their favourite color.

“My favourite color is sky blue. When I was a baby, the first color I saw was that blue — it was the color of the doctor’s garb. I thought he was my dad,” Sophomore Jacob Knoop said.

“My favorite color is iridescent,” junior Taylor Roberts said. Why? “Because in eighth grade Mr. Fox asked me what eraser I wanted for my birthday, and he didn’t have the color I wanted. I have never seen an iridescent color,” Roberts said.

Athletic Office secretary Melissa Tillage said. “My favorite color is blue. I see sky every day, and the sky is blue.”

Black is my favorite color. It’s super powerful from the perspective of visual stimulation. It overpowers all the other colors,” art teacher Clyde Gaw said.

Engineering teacher David Post, when asked about his favorite color said, “Green. Probably a grass green.”

“I don’t have a favorite color. I feel like all of the colors give me different emotional responses, and that none of them are better than the others. And I don’t have a favorite because I find it meaningless and superficial to have a favorite color. I like the nice contrast of black and white because it has good contrast and it’s BOLD,” senior Erik Crawford said.

Research shows that one’s favorite color reflects tbob-ross-37ml-oil-paintsheir personality, according to Bernardo Tirado and Psychology Today.

Tirado writes that those who favor red tend to have a fiery determination. Red is associated with passion, energy, and and power. Red is a color known to raise blood pressure and can increase metabolism and breathing rates.

According to the article, people who like blue tend to be reliable and sensitive. Blue is associated with depth and stability, and is known to symbolize trust and loyalty.

Tirado believes that yellow-likers enjoy learning and have a bright inner happiness.  Yellow is known to correlate with happiness and energy, so his statement makes sense.

Green symbolizes growth and fertility, and Tirado says that those who like green are affectionate and loyal.

People who enjoy the color purple can be artistic and unique. Purple is associated with ambition, power, and creativity.  

Tirado says that if your favorite color is black, you tend to be artistic and sensitive. This color is associated with power, mystery, and death.

The article states that “People who like white are often organized and logical.” White represents purity and cleanliness.

Finally, brown represents reliability, security, and stability. If this is your favorite color, you might be a friendly, trustworthy person, Tirado writes.

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