Homecoming nominations

Written by: Jared Reed


Students love to show school spirit at all extracurricular activities, but during this time of year it is more intense than ever.


Homecoming week is a time for students and staff to band together in decoration and celebration.


One of the most most notable events during this week is homecoming king and queen nominations.


Last Friday the students voted for their picks for who from their grade they wanted on the homecoming court. The results went out first thing Monday morning announcing Kaelyn Armstrong and Tucker Keevers as the freshman court members, Jordan Reid and Alex Kropp for the sophomore class, and Lilly Hardey and Kaleb Richard for the juniors.


The seniors nominated for King and Queen were Nathan Hubbard, Levi McKinney, Jake Vahle and Austin Wood. And Lauren Black, Lauren Meadows, Ashley Prange and Sydney Shepler as the queen nominees.


During this week all students will vote their pick for senior homecoming king and queen.


The winners will be announced during halftime and the homecoming football game on September 29. The homecoming dance will be the next day on September 30.

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