Holiday merchandise in stores too early

Written by: Catrina Lambert

As the end of September approaches, the next holiday does too- Halloween, a popular holiday, supposedly the second most popular to Christmas. However, Christmas decorations have already begun to pop up in stores as well as the Halloween, a whole at least three months in advance of December. Each year this seems to be earlier, in a phenomenon referred to as the “christmas creep”.

Why is this? It is most likely because, according to the National Retail Federal, 40 percent of shoppers start their winter holiday shopping before Christmas. Despite this, it is far too early for Christmas stuff if Halloween has not yet passed.
First of all, it takes away from the holiday spirit, both from Christmas and Halloween. For Christmas, it seems overkill to put Christmas stuff in stores too early, and it makes it seem incredibly familiar, robbing it of the feeling of Christmas spirit by the time Christmas actually rolls around. And for Halloween, some can find it relatively difficult to feel the spookiness of October with a bunch of Christmas decorations around.

Also, stocking the store with Christmas items too far ahead is counterproductive when less than people will be buying Christmas decorations incredibly far in advance, when they could just sit in the store for months without being purchased. However, the same problem is formed when Halloween decorations go up incredibly early too, with some stores being stocked with Halloween decorations by the end of August, before school even starts for some.

Finally, the point still stands that it is more than three months in advance of the holiday to put up Christmas stuff before halloween. Most people, besides those who own stores, can easily claim that it is ridiculous to put Christmas and Halloween stuff out so early. Three months, a fourth of the year, is a very long time to have holiday items in stores. It would be far better to put out the holiday merchandise when the holiday is within reach. christmastree

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