Dennemann reflects on career

Senior year can bring on a lot of nostalgia to an athlete. The ability to see a clear end-path to a high school career often evokes a sense of remembrance. Certain games, specific sets and particular players will long linger in an athlete’s mind well after a sport season has ended. For five of New Palestine’s volleyball players, that time to reminisce on their beloved high school sport has come because on Oct. 5th these five seniors played their last career home game for New Palestine.
“My favorite memory is winning regionals for the first time in school history last year. It was such a cool environment to play in front of. The place was packed, the crowd was very loud and the play was intense. I will never forget that match,” said senior player Allison Dennemann
Seniors Allison Dennemann, Katie Bancroft, Jordan Brittsan, Morgan Willard and Mia Long finished their respective careers in a narrow loss to Mt. Vernon. Although they lost that particular game, they will be moving on to the postseason. The historic volleyball team was riddled with some of the most talented athletes to ever grace the halls at NPHS. Dennemann finished her (NPHS) regular season career with more than 2,000 kills. An amazing feat for any volleyball player. Earning her, and her fellow seniors, special recognition at their last game. She plans to continue her volleyball career in college at the University of the Pacific located in California.
“I love the relationships I have built through volleyball. New Palestine volleyball is a family my teammates are my sisters. We have grown up together and have supported each other through our ups and downs. We wouldn’t have that if it wasn’t for this program,” Dennemann said, “Volleyball has always been a huge part of my life. I have learned so many valuable lessons that will carry over even after I am done playing like how to work in a team and how to deal with adversity. My coaches and teammates challenge me to be not only a better player, but a better role model and leader. They push me constantly and I wouldn’t be the player I am without them. I will play indoor and beach volleyball at University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. It is a beautiful school with a very competitive program. They play in the West Coast Conference with big teams like BYU and San Diego. I love the coaching staff and my teammates, so I am very excited to get out there and start college play.”
The seniors were awarded with a plaque from the athletic department and a giant photo-frame containing images of their volleyball careers during high school. A tunnel of parents and students also awaited the team to open the game as support for the seniors as well. After suffering a slight defeat to Mt. Vernon, the remarkably talented team finished 26-4 on the season.

The girls played their sectional game to start the postseason last night against Richmond. The girls carried the Dragons in a three-set sweep to beat their foe and advance further into the postseason. They will play Mt. Vernon on Sat. with hopes to continue their seasonal dominance.

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