This year’s new math teacher

This 2017 school year, our incoming class has had too many students in math class. To offset this, the school has enlisted the help of Peggy Fuller, NPHS librarian and now algebra teacher.

“I was asked by Mr. Fessler to help with the math classes because there were too many students, to reduce the amount (of students) in the classes,” Fuller said. “I’ve taught math in the corporation for at least fifteen years, mostly at the middle school, and haven’t taught in five years. I’m trying to copy the other math teacher’s style in my teaching.”

Between running the library and teaching, there’s no doubt that Fuller will have a difficult year.

“With running both the library and the things I have to do with teaching, I’m pretty busy,” Fuller said.

It is currently unknown whether or not Fuller will continue to teach after this year.

“I don’t know if I’m going to continue teaching math. I assume it’s a one year thing, since they asked me to for one year. If not, I love math, so I won’t have any problem to teach it more,” Fuller said.

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