Renaming the middle school?

By: Chloe Dillon and Rachel Purnell

With the recent news of the reopening of the old Doe Creek Middle School building, there has been some controversy about whether or not the names of the buildings should be changed.

Recently it was decided to reopen the old Doe Creek building and change the current middle school into an intermediate school.

With this transition also came another change; the idea to change the name of the buildings.

With both buildings currently named Doe Creek Middle School, one or both of the names will need to change no matter what.

The school board proposed the idea to change the names to a group that seemed to like the idea.

One of the rumored ideas was to change the intermediate to New Palestine Intermediate and the middle school to New Palestine Junior High.

Many students and parents have differing opinions on the name changes.

Missy Rush, mother of two, said that, “it might be a good thing to change the names because now from intermediate school to high school we will be the New Palestine Dragons.”

This would cut down on spirit wear costs for large families with many children at different ages.

Sophomore Audrey Poole has a slightly nostalgic view on the name changes.

“I have always known the middle school as Doe Creek Middle School, so if the name is changed, it will be hard to accept,” Poole said.

This has been how many students feel about their beloved middle school.

The final decision will be made by the school board at the end of the month. As of right now, it seems as though the name changes are going to happen.

Dawn Lindell, mother of two and Sugar Creek PTO member, said “It’s not a question if the name will change, I feel like that’s a pretty sure thing, but it’s more of what will the new names be?”

No matter the outcome we will always love our buildings. Doe Creek or not.

Pictured: The former Doe Creek Middle School. (Tom Russo| Daily Reporter) THOMAS J RUSSO

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