Well done, “Mr. Davis”

Written by: Alex Cotterman


Radric Davis, better known by his stage moniker Gucci Mane, released his eleventh studio album to critical acclaim, as Davis solidified himself as the father of southern hip-hop and the king of trap music. “Mr. Davis” is Gucci’s third studio album since being released from prison in May of 2016. Gucci’s first two albums,” Everybody Looking” and “The Return of East Atlanta Santa”, went back to his roots in the streets of Atlanta. “Mr. Davis” however, shows the maturation of Gucci Mane since he served two years in federal prison from 2014-2016. A sober, leaner and happier Gucci Mane constructed what may be the hip-hop album of the year. Here are a few of my favorites from the album.



  • Work in Progress (Intro) 


Gucci opens his masterpiece with a tune about his upbringing. He talks about his troubles with his parents. Gucci also reflects on his felon past. The title “Work in Progress” refers to his struggles and the fact that everyone has issues. It’s all about how you work to improve yourself. Gucci Mane could not have set the stage for the album on a stronger note.


  • Back On 


The second track on the album Gucci talks about his return to prominence following his prison sentence and rehab. The overall theme of self reinvention and improvement is again heard in “Back On”.


  • I Get the Bag (feat. Migos) 


One of the four singles released prior to the rest of the album, “I Get the Bag” feels more like a Migos song featuring Gucci Mane. Outside of the final verse “Guwop” isn’t to be heard of in the rest of the song. It’s understandable given the immense popularity of the featured rap group and the fact that Gucci is one of the Migos core influences given that both hip-hop acts are from the Atlanta area.


  • Members Only 


Gucci goes back to his own creative roots in members only, showing that despite him being sobered up and law abiding, he is still a gangster and heart. Members only is a perfect throwback to Gucci’s earlier music.


  •  Money Make Ya Handsome 


This song, to me, is hilarious. Whether it’s intentional or not is unclear. Gucci points fun at the fact that he when he was poor, women said he was ugly, now that he’s rich he’s suddenly very attractive. Regardless of the intentions of this song, the melody and lyrics are both enjoyable and catchy.

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