Though she is Young, she is experienced

Written by: Hannah Akers/Managing Editor, Kristiana Lulgjuraj/Feature Editor, and Olivia Biddle/News Editor

With the 2017-18 school year, New Palestine High School introduced a new person to the administration this fall. The new face pacing around the cafeteria and roaming the halls is that of Julie Young, the new dean of students.

“I’m the dean of students, so obviously that’s discipline with the kids, but it’s also kind of changed little bit this year. I have different experiences from my previous jobs,” Young said.

Young takes on other jobs aside from student discipline. As a former instructional coach, Young leads the other coaches in their tasks. Young also serves as department chair for special education.

“They didn’t have one (department chair for special education) and I have special ed. experience,” Young said.

Young graduated from Center Grove High School, where her children currently attend school.

“I went to Purdue University for my undergrad in elementary education and special education, and then went to Ball State for my master’s in administration and supervision,” Young said.

Before coming to NPHS, Young worked in Perry Township schools and Center Grove Elementary School for 10 years each. She did a range of teaching jobs at these schools, teaching multiple grade levels from kindergarten special education to fifth grade.

“In Perry Township, I was a reading recovery teacher. I was also a first grade teacher so it was a split job. Then when I moved to Center Grove, I was the literacy coach and then went back into the first grade classroom because they didn’t keep the program,” Young said.

In her last two years at Center Grove, she was made an instructional coach.

“The difference between literacy (coach) and instructional (coach) was literacy was truly just reading and literacy and instructional was every subject and topic. And those positions support teachers, I didn’t work with the kids directly,” Young said.

As for her job at NPHS, Young says her favorite part is the more positive side of her job.

“I am a big positive behavior person. I love focusing on the positives, so if I can call kids down or talk with kids about good things that are happening or good things that they’ve done and thank them,” Young said.

Another part of her job she enjoys has been introducing instructional coaches to NPHS. The three coaches – Kent Gish, Heather Meredith, and Nicholas Mitchaner – assist others in improving their teaching.

“One of my other favorite twists that they’ve added to my job is getting to lead the instructional coaches that we have. There are three teachers that only have one class period that they get to do, but I get to lead them,” Young said.

Young says she doesn’t necessarily have anything she dislikes about her job, but she does find some parts more difficult than others- such as the discipline part of being a dean.

“I definitely don’t mind talking with kids about keeping them on track and the discipline side of it,” Young said. “I’m learning a lot about how high schoolers think and function. I think the piece that bugs me the most is when students do behaviors just to be annoying, then I gotta try and figure out why, and that is the hardest part.”



Dean Julie Young poses in front of her agenda board. Photo by Olivia Biddle.

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