Living in the Shadows: Bryan Shaw’s Brother

Jared Reed & Alex Mohr

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The successor of George Washington had a daunting task ahead of him. But that is nothing compared to the what junior Evan Shaw is up against.


Evan Shaw, the younger brother of Bryan Shaw — a legend at New Palestine High School — is constantly being reminded of how successful his older brother is.


Everyone knows all about Bryan Shaw the legend, but ask about Evan and all you get in response is, “Well, his brother is Bryan Shaw.”


“I constantly feel moody that I am repressed by my brother’s image,” Shaw said.


But he is so much more than that.


The Shaw brothers are similar in many ways, but different in others. No only do they share outstanding intelligence, they both have a fiery competitive spirit only known between brothers.


“Me and Bryan actually got our black belts at the same time, but I’m better at karate than Bryan, and as of recent I won our last sparring match,” Shaw said.


“So Bryan is like really smart you know, but his time management is garbage. And I can do other things and I’m smart. Then Brenna (his sister) can run fast I guess,” Shaw remarked. “I don’t know who the best Shaw is. It would probably be best just to combine us all into one person.”


Shaw said that his family is so successful because of its German heritage. Every single Shaw of this generation is of 50-percent German descent.


“I love Evan Shaw. He is smart and I enjoy his company,” senior Elijah Domogala said. “I don’t associate him with his brother Ryan [sic].”


“A lot of people see me as an individual,” Shaw said.


When asked to describe himself Shaw said, “No I’d rather not, I want people to know less about me, it makes me more of an icon.”


He later went on to give The Crimson Messenger some information about himself. He plans on studying computer science in college and he wants to die a martyr.


“To ensure I’m an icon I plan to die a martyr. That’s probably the best way actually.” Shaw said.


Shaw did share his daily sleep schedule. “I suffer from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m.”


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