Students balance playing multiple sports

By: Chloe Dillon and Rachel Purnell

High school sports are almost as cutthroat as college sports now.

Students are having to work overtime to ensure themselves a spot on any team.

Many will play a sport for the school and then play with a travel or club team during the off-season in order to continue to improve their skills.

This has started to become a problem with students that play more than one sport.

Sophomore Michaela Jones has had a hard time with this.

Jones plays two sports, basketball and softball.

During basketball season, she plays softball for Birmingham Thunderbolts.

When a recent softball game fell on the same day as a basketball practice Jones had a difficult decision to make. She had to choose between her two sports.

Jones decided that a game was more important than a practice so she skipped basketball.

“Softball is more important to me than basketball,” Jones said.

She was not able to skip a practice without any consequences. Coach Sarah Gizzi required Jones sit out for the first two quarters of the next game.

Jones committed to a college softball team during her freshman year, so every chance she gets she is playing softball.

Jones said, “I love playing basketball, but softball is more important so missing two quarters of the basketball game to play in my softball tournament is worth it to me.”


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