Living in the Shadows: Sam Voelz’s Sister

Jared Reed, Co-managing editor.

Alex Mohr, feature writer


Grace Voelz mid saying cheese

Samuel Voelz. Scholar. Athlete. Volunteer. Mr. Distance. A force to be reckoned with. He left his legacy at New Palestine High School, and junior Grace Voelz has to deal with it on a minute-by-minute basis. Despite the difficult task, Grace has more than made a name for herself at New Palestine high school.


“I think my friends or the people I know see me as my own person, and the people who don’t really know me definitely see me as Sam’s little sister,” Voelz said.


Despite being somewhat melancholy about having to live up to Sam’s standards, Grace does say it’s a blessing to have such a beautiful older brother and role model.


“I’d say it’s a blessing and a curse, but it doesn’t effect me too much. But I’d say overall a blessing because he’s my brother and I love him,” Voelz said.


Sam might be a decent runner, but he has never had to rush from a regional cross country meet straight to a playoff soccer match within an hour. Grace plays varsity soccer and runs varsity cross country, truly an amazing feat.


“I’m passionate about playing soccer and having good friends,” Voelz remarked. “And it’s really inspiring to see Samuel cheering me on while I’m running.”


People are taking notice of Grace’s jaw-dropping achievements.


“She’s such a great runner, and I’ve heard she’s just as great as soccer. I have no clue how she juggled both sports at the same time and had such a positive attitude while doing it.” senior Grace Mitchell said.

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