NPHS puts on production of The Addams Family

Written by: Hannah Akers //  Managing Editor, Kristiana Lulgjuraj // Feature Editor, and Olivia Biddle // News Editor

Wednesday Addams, having turned 18 and entering adulthood, has fallen in love with Lucas Beineke – a sweet, smart boy from a respectable family. Her unique family is thrown into a chaotic evening when she invites Lucas and his “normal” family over for dinner. This wild night forces the Addams family to face the change that they’ve been avoiding for generations.

On the weekend of November 17, New Palestine High School drama department will be showing The Addams Family. The Friday and Saturday showings start at 7 p.m., while the Sunday showing is at 2 p.m.

“Being in the musical is a lot of hard work, long stressful nights trying to memorize your lines, a lot of learning choreography, and then a lot of fun,” senior Louis Holbrook, who plays Uncle Fester, uncle to Wednesday Addams.

Holbrook likes playing Uncle Fester because it’s different than the normal sort of character he plays.

“He’s crazy, he can be really weird, and I’ve never been a character that’s not been normal. In the play last year I could just be me, but this guy is just crazy. He puts light bulbs in his mouth and does lots of cool stuff,” Holbrook said.

Holbrook’s favorite part of the play is watching junior Sydney Cornwell, who plays Morticia Addams, the mother of Wednesday.

“I wanted to play Morticia because her character is so fun to transform into, and I enjoy playing a person that’s the total opposite of me in real life. Morticia is dark, and pessimistic, while I tend to be happy and optimistic,” Cornwell said.
Sydney loves Morticia’s seductive demeanor and dark humor, making her an interesting character to play.

Her favorite part of the musical is being able to sing and be on stage.

“Singing is my absolute biggest passion, and I’m so glad I get to express that on stage,” Cornwell said.

Although they enjoy the musical, there are some difficulties that come along with putting on such a show.

“The hardest part is getting like 30 people who have never danced before in their life to dance together,” Holbrook said.

Luckily, everyone on the musical is working hard to make the production successful.

“Before I even auditioned for the musical I would look at the Addams Family Musical on youtube and I would watch it over and over. I would study all the characters and eventually I got to know parts of everybody’s lines. That’s basically how I’ve been practicing,” senior Randi Potts said. Potts plays Alice Beineke, the mother of Lucas.

“I wanted to be that character because she is really cheesy, but she acts like she’s happy but she’s really not and she’s a really interesting character to play,” Potts said. “It’s interesting to see her character development.”

Potts enjoys working on the musical because of the supportive and accepting environment.

“It’s such a supportive group. I can talk about anything I want to and I’m not going to be like shunned for it or anything. They are really easy to work with. I’m glad I can talk to them if I need to,” Potts said.

The musical requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but everyone involved is willing to give their best effort.

“We have to be able to sing, act, dance, and react all at the same time,” Cornwell said. “It’s quite the multitask, but I wouldn’t give it up for the world.”



Cast and crew of musical work on building set. Photo by Olivia Biddle.

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