Blood Drive Recap

This week, NPHS hosted the blood drive. According to those who participated, the experience was relatively enjoyable and recounted the experience.

“This was my first time giving blood, I didn’t really know what to expect. The ladies were very nice, had to fill out a questionnaire to determine whether I was healthy. I had an interview with the nurse to make sure I was healthy. And I didn’t eat breakfast, and they were nervous for me so they forced me to eat before I gave blood. The lady who took my blood was nice, but she had trouble finding the spot.” NPHS senior Jared Reed said.

“Well, this is my fourth time giving blood, at this point it isn’t bad, but the first time I gave blood I vomited 2 hours after. This time around, for the most part, I was pretty okay and didn’t get nauseous, until the end right when they pulled the needle out of my arm, they had to give me a sprite and put a bag over my face. It wasn’t my best, but still better than the first time. The whole thing with the nausea and whatnot, there’s a weird sensation but it only lasted for 3 minutes at the most and then passed. It’s a little scary but that’s it,” NPHS senior Hannah Akers said.

People also donate blood for a variety of reasons.

“I donated for the community service hours, and because I wanted to know my bloodtype,” Reed said.

“The first time I gave blood it was bc I was curious about the sensation, but the second time I received an email from Mr Barton and there was this little girl on a blood bag in the email called Madi Adams and she is so cute so every time I see her it makes me want to give blood. Also they have a specific cookie brand there called Grandma’s cookies and I love those cookies,” Akers said.

“I wanted to get out of class. I hate needles but i actually like giving blood,” NPHS junior Hayley Sweet said.


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