Living in the Shadows: Reid and Drew Gohmann’s Brother

IMG-8955Jared Reed & Alex Mohr


Reid and Drew Gohmann, the pioneering students who brought unique ideas, intelligence, brilliance, and fame to New Palestine High School. They didn’t blaze a trail for the Gohmann name; they planted a forest with seeds of accomplishment. And Luke has to deal with these trees every day.

Luke has to deal with Reid’s trees the most. Reid planted a lot of trees at NPHS. Reid has not three, but two plaques commemorating his hard work in science and mathematics classes. Compare Reid’s plaques to Luke’s. Luke has not -1. But zero plaques. He is living in Reid’s shadows.

I most certainly am living in the shadows of my older brothers, specifically Reid. I call Reid the ‘hero’ or ‘savior’ of the Gohmann family,” Luke said.

“Drew and Reid were very driven great young men in my class,” math teacher Lisa Hardin said. “They were very thorough in their work.”

Luke made clear what it was like living with such outstanding, driven, thorough human beings.

“Living in the shadows of Reid and Drew is all about expectations. Drew is one of the hardest-working students I have ever encountered. Reid, on the other hand, is probably the smartest person I have ever met that is around my age. The grand third child that I am, has now been tasked with the combination of these two. I often doubt that I’ll ever be as smart as Reid, or have the drive like Drew does,” Luke said. “Sometimes I wonder if I’d be better off just carving my path in life, forgetting preconceived expectations, but then I think, These two are bound to be successful in life due to their attributes, so is it really so bad to mimic them?”

Luke further said that he might imitate his brothers in some ways.

“I most certainly am living in the shadows of my older brothers, specifically Reid, as I am closer in age to him. Part of this is my fault though, as I have consciously or subconsciously mimicked Reid on many occasions. These kind of things include: Playing soccer and ultimate Frisbee, joining quiz bowl, a special liking to biology, joining ‘College Thursday,’” Luke said.

“Luke is definitely up to par with his brothers academically. But I would say he’s more outgoing,” Hardin said.

Luke is constantly being compared to his brothers by teachers, which means he has to maintain the great attributes and qualities left by Reid and Drew.

“The legacy my siblings have left behind is just the characteristic of excellence. Everything my teachers expect from me comes from their thoughts towards Reid and Drew,” Luke said.

“I am mistaken for my brothers remarkably often. Pretty much every time I meet an older character that’s familiar with my family, either Reid and Drew are brought up, or they’ll just call me by one of their names. I seldom correct when people call me by my siblings names because of my unnatural desire to be like them in every aspect, it pleases me,” Luke said.

But Luke hopes to make a name for himself.

“I hope I leave a legacy, though I doubt it’ll be for the same reasons as either Reid or Drew. Despite not rivaling Reid’s intelligence or Drew’s academic drive, I do feel more sociable than both of them. So maybe I’ll just be remembered as a normal dude who tried his best to be smart, determined, and friendly,” Luke said.

“Reid’s the best one,” an anonymous student in class said.

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