The process of cancelling a school day

Written by: Dawson Eastes

The second semester of the school year is here. For students, this means the possibility of new classes, new teachers, and cancelled school days.
When the weather starts to hit hard, the safety of the students traveling to and from school becomes a factor.
Although many people might think icy roads would be the hardest to determine if it is safe to travel to school, Superintendent Lisa Lantrip says different.
“Fog is the hardest type of weather to determine if there should be a delay or closing,” Lantrip says. “With fog, the conditions can change so very quickly. We drive the roads at 4:30 in the morning. A lot can change with fog and rain/freezing rain from the time we run the roads to when school starts.”
Lantrip also says she has to communicate with surrounding district superintendents to hear their opinions about the safety of going to school.
Lantrip says, “We have a lot of territory to cover. I conference with other superintendents in the area around 5:15 am. We try to make the best decision we can no later than 5:30.”
Lantrip says they try and make a quick decision for the convenience of everyone involved with the district.
“The earlier we can make the decision to close or delay school the better for our drivers. teachers/staff, and parents,” Lantrip said.
Director of instructional Services, Miles Hercamp, says the decision of whether to cancel school is based on the safety of the students.
“The decision is total based on students being able to arrive at school safely,” Hercamp says.
“The decision is about whether it is safe for the buses on the roads and if the students at the bus stop of safe,” Lantrip says.

Although E-Learning is now an option when considering to cancel school, Lantrip says the safety of the students is still first priority.

“E-learning helps students to not miss instruction,” Lantrip says. “It allows us to not add days at the end of school year to make up for the missed days. However, we still carefully consider all factors when choosing to have an e-learning day. We are still concerned about student safety. We also understand that many of our parent work and that they need to make other arrangements for the care of their children when school is not in session.”

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