Backpacks in the aisles are a safety hazard

backpackWritten by: Catrina Lambert

According to some teachers, leaving backpacks in the aisles between desks is a safety hazard. Because of this, NPHS economics teacher Andrew Smith has begun requiring that students leave their backpacks on a separate table instead.

“I think it’s just a safety issue. Last semester I’d try to walk up and down aisles and there would be six inches of space, if that. You’d have to step over backpacks, and it’s a safety hazard. I’m looking at my room, and there’s a huge table with things to put it out of the way. A lot of the stuff in your backpack is a distraction. It clears space in the aisles and helps eliminate distractions because it takes away distractions. So far, when we can, i think it has made things a lot smoother and students are much more engaged,” Smith said.

Doing this can reduce safety, and there has yet to be an issue in Smith’s class with this strategy.

“I guess if your stuff isn’t right there it could become an issue, but I haven’t really seen any issues so far,” Smith said.

` Other teachers agree with this issue as being a safety hazard.

“It definitely can be (a safety hazard). I’ve tripped over bags before. Plus with the small classrooms it can get cluttered, but I understand the necessity,” NPHS history teacher Shelby Livengood said.

At the beginning of the year, the teachers have to watch a safety video that regards this exact issue.

“(The video) ultimately says that bags shouldn’t be placed on the floor where people walk, but with the small classrooms it’s hard unless they use their lockers,” Livengood said. “I would (have the students put their backpacks in a different place) if i had the space to do so, but with class sizes it’s hard to put them all together. Most desks have a book rack though, so if students could put their backpacks in their lockers and just carried what they needed for class, it wouldn’t be an issue,” Livengood said.

Whether or not this is a useful solution remains to be seen; however, as mentioned by another student, it may raise more issues.

“While it sounds like a good idea because of safety, it could make class more hectic and confusing when it comes to getting your stuff from your bag or getting ready to leave after class,” NPHS sophomore Annie Meyer said.

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