People are eating Tide Pods?

Written by: Chloe Dillon and Rachel Purnell

Just when you were probably thinking the younger generations couldn’t get any more nonsensical, we can always find a way to prove you wrong.

Memes are a large part of many people’s everyday lives. We see all kinds of memes with different messages.

Recently, a new meme has sprouted. The specifics of this meme are unknown, but it jokes about eating the laundry detergent packs called Tide Pods.

Tide Pods are a small 1-inch by 1-inch square that is white with a stripe of fluorescent orange and dark blue.

“I’ve been worried about my younger siblings with these Tide Pods because of how much they resemble food,” sophomore Kaylea Bullock said.

There have been many people making remarks at how these Pods resemble something that would be enjoyable to eat.

That’s when it started.

Just like the Cinnamon Challenge, Baking Soda and Vinegar Challenge, and the Banana Sprite Challenge the Tide Challenge came to be.

With these challenges, participants videotape themselves doing the challenge and then post the video on YouTube.

For the Tide Challenge, people basically just eat the Tide Pods to see what happens.

Very obviously, these Pods are full of laundry detergent. So, eating them is incredibly dangerous. Many people have died or been hospitalized because of this trend.

A tweet from Tide said, “We regret to inform you, we will be removing Tide Pods from shelves starting February 1st…”

This tweet was found to be fake and Tide Pods will continue to sell in many different stores across the country.

Now eating Tide Pods has become a joke for many people across the country. A donut shop in North Carolina actually created a donut that resembles a Tide Pod.

This is the only way you should eat Tide Pods, kids.


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