Purdue basketball finally reaching success

Written by Dawson Eastes // Sports Writer

As the 2017-18 college basketball campaign reaches the midpoint of the season, a few teams have begun to stand out as the best in the nation. One of those being, the Purdue University Boilermakers.


Currently ranked at #3 in the college basketball standings, Purdue is on a 15-game win streak and showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. The Boilermakers are 8-0 in Big Ten Conference play, 19-2 overall and have beaten their previous three opponents by at least 23 points.


Lifelong Purdue fan and NPHS sophomore, Eric Roudebush, says it exciting to see his team finally have a good shot at winning a national title.


“It’s pretty exciting because it has only happened once in 1932, and that was before the NCAA tournament,” Roudebush says. “As a Purdue fan that championship counts, but to everyone else it’s not a legit title. It’s pretty exciting now that they are ranked third and getting better,”


Purdue has reached the Final Four of the NCAA tournament twice in the program history but have never been able to finish the job.


This team, however, might be the most balanced, experienced and talented team Purdue has ever seen.


Sophomore, Carsen Edwards leads the Boilermakers with 17.2 points-per-game while seniors, Vince Edwards, Isaac Haas and Dakota Mathias are all also averaging double digit points-per-game. Senior point guard, P.J. Thompson is not far behind at a solid nine points-per-game.


NPHS Varsity basketball assistant coach Brian Bowen, also a lifelong Purdue fan thinks the selflessness of the Purdue team is allowing them to win.


Bowen says, “They have a bunch of guys that are unselfish and move the ball and they play their roles,”


Roudebush says experience is the reason Purdue is so good.


“They are really experienced, they have a lot of senior leaders, and the younger guys are really developing as players. They have the all-around talent to be a good team,”


Because of the wins Purdue has been accumulating this season, even IU fans are beginning to admit that Purdue is a legitimate title contender.


NPHS junior and diehard IU fan Luke Ramsey says, “They work the ball inside very well and Indiana hasn’t had very good post players. They play good defense, work the ball around, and they force a lot of turnovers. It is very disappointing because IU has always been better than Purdue in the past. It’s disappointing that Indiana is below average and Purdue is one of the best in the country. Sadly, I think Purdue is going to win the Big Ten regular season title.”


Although Bowen is thrilled to see the Boilermakers succeed, he knows from experience that he needs to keep an even keel.


Bowen says, “I’m just trying to keep a level head right now. It’s exciting to watch a good team play. In years past, I’ve gotten my hopes up and been disappointed,”


Both Roudebush and Bowen both say they were loyal to their team even through disappointing seasons.


Roudebush said, “It was tough but I always pushed through it because I knew they would get better someday,”


“It’s hard to watch them lose, but you have to have some loyalty,” Bowen said.


When asked if they ever considered becoming an IU fan both Boilermaker fans responded with, “Never, absolutely not.”Poodue

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