NPHS art class creates WWI memorial

Written by: Catrina Lambert

Students in Clyde Gaw’s art class have begun a year-long project to create a tile mural of Commander Ware, an Air Force ace.

“What we have to do is make 1,200 of these little tiles and will attach them to a grid, it’ll end up being a face. When you step back, it makes the face of Commander Ware, a World War I fighter ace from Indiana, and after we get all the tiles created, we’re going to ship the grid to Greenfield to be reinstalled in a memorial,” Gaw said.

To create these tiles the students are making squares out of clay, glazing them and then firing them.

“Right now, we’re firing them. We make them out of clay, and they have to have holes in them so they won’t explode, and glaze them different colors. Then they get fired in the kiln, and it has to get to 1,950 degrees before they’re done. The glaze gets rock hard and really shiny when they’re done,” Gaw said.

The students who have worked on this project find that the project, while long, is worthwhile.

“I think it’s pretty cool that they’re making the air force mural,” NPHS sophomore Matthew Carter said. “He was an ace, and the fact that they’re making something for an ace is cool. It’s the least we can do to honor him.”

tilesThe tiles used in this project. Photo taken by Catrina Lambert

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