Students work to balance jobs and education

Written by: Hannah Akers / Managing Editor
Kristiana Lulgjuraj / Feature Editor
Olivia Biddle / News Editor

As high school student mature, they find themselves buried with more responsibilities – such as jobs and more difficult coursework. Sometimes balancing those responsibilities become overwhelming. Students at New Palestine High School know this struggle quite well.

“I work Monday, gymnastics meet Tuesday, work, gymnastics, then work, so it’s like I don’t have any time to do homework,” senior Caroline Dunbar said.

Dunbar and fellow senior Summer Petrow both work at the Mozzi’s Buffet five hours a day three-to-four days each week, but have different perspectives on how the work interferes with their schoolwork. Petrow isn’t bothered by work when it comes to her schooling and enjoys her work.

“I have a lot of friends at my job so I feel like I can kind of get away from everything else. They don’t know everything else going on in my life so we can all just have fun,” Petrow said.

Dunbar’s biggest problem with her work is the hours.

“I don’t like the hours, because normally, it will say you work like 5 to 8, but after chores and everyone’s out of the restaurant, you don’t get home until like 10:30 (p.m.),” Dunbar said.

Other students say they don’t have any issues with schoolwork like senior Erik Crawford, who works at the Legacy 9 movie theater in Greenfield. Crawford doesn’t let his job interfere with schoolwork – or rather, he doesn’t let schoolwork interfere with his job.

“I take work as priority over school,” Crawford said.

Senior Kimmy Ingold works at New Palestine Hardware and while she doesn’t always enjoy her job, she doesn’t have too many issues with it when it comes to school.

“Sometimes I find it hard to balance school and work since sometimes I have a lot of homework, but I have a study hall so that makes it better,” Ingold said.



Senior Summer Petrow poses with work jacket. Photo by Olivia Biddle

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