Living in the Shadows: Jordan Reid’s older brother

Written by: Alex Mohr Future writer & Jared Reed Managing Editor


“She’s pretty good at every sport ever,” sophomore Chloe Dillon said. “And Dane? I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation with Dane.”

Jordan Reid, an exemplary soccer prodigy, a pacey track star and exquisite basketball player. She is fast — faster than the typical human being. When she sees an opportunity, she strikes. She can bounce a basketball. She is the epitome of athleticism.  

“I won conference in all my track events, and I got 10th and 12th in state in the 100 meter and 200 meter,” Jordan said.

Typically Living in the Shadows covers younger siblings of iconic NPHS students, but today the sun woke up on the other side of the bed.

This time around, junior Dane Reid is living in the shadows of his younger sister, sophomore Jordan Reid. What a twist.

Is this right? Is it real? Is it against the rules? In the past, every single shadow has been cast by an older sibling. But this time around, it’s the younger sibling casting a shadow on the older sibling. Is it possible?

“Oh yeah, Dane is definitely living in my shadow,” Jordan said.

I guess so.

“It kinda sucks because everyone knows her as ‘Jordan,’ but they know me as ‘Jordan’s Brother,’” Dane said.

Both of the Reids are very likable people around NPHS. Both have friends and play sports, but Jordan does it better than Dane.

And both are competitive. Competition fuels their athletic and academic achievements — they are always striving to get better.

“We’re more cooperative than competitive, but if it comes to sports I usually beat her anyways just because of my strength and tallness,” Dane said.

“We’re very competitive, but mainly the more athletic stuff is all me,” Jordan said.

Even though Jordan is seen as the athletic one Dane is given credit for his smarts.

“I will say Dane has all the smarts,” Jordan said.

Though Dane is seen as his sister’s brother, he doesn’t let that phase him. He is still very much his own being with his own hobbies and interests.

“I started learning to play the guitar; I’m proficient with a game controller in my hand,” Dane said.

Dane even knows celebrities.

“I know Grace Voelz,” he said.

“He knows a lot about Star Wars, and I think it’s pretty cool,” Jordan said. “He helps me with my homework. He can drive,”

“Dane doesn’t do much,” sophomore Dawson Eastes said. “He’s just a goofy guy.”

“I think I’m known as the better sibling, or at least I hope,” Dane said, “My parents prefer me because I clean.”

“I think who my parents like more depends on the day,” Jordan said.

“Hi mom,” Dane said.

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