e-learning vs. 2-hour delay

By: Chloe Dillon and Rachel Purnell

With the recent bad weather, NPHS students have had many two-hour delays. The school has also had a few e-Learning days.

These two days go very differently for all of the students at New Palestine High School.

On two-hour delay days, students may wake up an hour or so later than they normally would. Eventually, they do have to get up to go to school.

“I like two-hour delays because there is not possible chance of having to make them up and I get to sleep in. I also like them because I have a shorter school day,” sophomore Izzy Gray said.

Once at school on two-hour delay days, students will have each class for only 30 minutes, after starting their day at 9:30 a.m.

On e-Learning days, students may wake up to find there was a cancellation, then go back to bed so to not wake up until noon. They take their time getting breakfast, taking a shower, and chilling.

“Overall e-Learning days are great because I get to sleep in as long as I want, but it also means that I have to make time to do all of the assignments my teachers have assigned to me,” senior Seth Buis said.

Eventually, they might get their computers out to the minimal amount of work assigned by their teachers.

There are many differentiating opinions about two-hour delays and e-Learning days.

Some students would much rather prefer to have an e-Learning day, yet some students would rather have a two-hour delay.

Students who prefer e-Learning days say that they enjoy being able to sleep in and do their work whenever they want.

“Either way I get to sleep in so it’s a win-win for me,” junior Lexy Petro said.

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