Mitchaner returns to NPHS

By: Chloe Dillon and Rachel Purnell

New Palestine High School chemistry teacher, Nicholas Mitchaner, returned on Feb. 5 from an eight-week total adoption leave.

Mitchaner and his partner have been in the adoption process for a very long time. One day they got a random call saying there was a child available for them.

This baby boy was only 24 hours old. He was able to be adopted, yet needed to stay in the hospital for further care.

With the adoption being very sudden, Mitchaner spent the first couple weeks getting his house ready to accommodate another small human with very specific needs.

“We didn’t have all the necessary items for having a child since the adoption was so sudden. The only thing we had ready was a crib that we had just happened to put together the week before,” Mitchaner said.

Adoption leave is just like maternity leave. The subject is given 30 days off work to stay home and care for the new child.

Mitchaner decided to take off an extra four weeks, two before the 30 days and two after, to make sure that his new child was adjusting well to being in his care.

When asked what he did during his leave, Mitchaner explained it was a lot of adjusting to having another human to look after and waking up every couple hours to change or feed.

Even having a child of his own, Mitchaner found himself missing all his students.

“I am so happy to be back. Honestly, I missed all of my students and having adult interactions,” Mitchaner said.

Now that Mitchaner is back he has hired a caretaker to stay at home with his son during the day.

Mitchaner explains that he loves this caretaker and he enjoys seeing how much she enjoys taking care of his son.

“She has already sent me six pictures of him today,” Mitchaner said.

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