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Written by Dawson Eastes // Sports writer

Valentine’s Day can be one of the most joyful and happy days of the year, but also one of the most sad and depressing days of the year.

A select few will spend their Valentine’s Day with a significant other, while many will be alone.

For high school students, it is a harsh reality that many will not have a date. However, some single students at NPHS are trying to stay positive this Valentine’s Day.

When asked if Valentine’s Day makes her depressed, sophomore Jordan Reid said, “If I’m honest, no. I guess I like seeing other people get things from their significant other. I feel like if I had a significant other, I would have to buy them stuff, and I’m broke,”

Valentine’s Day can also be a very lonely and envious time, but junior Alex Cotterman, said, “Valentine’s Day just makes me a little envious. I think that I have a good family and good friends, so I’m not really lonely,”

“No, I have my cat,” Reid said when asked if she gets lonely on Valentine’s Day.

Sophomore Michaela Jones said, “My advice is just say to yourself ‘it’s gonna be okay’. You can be your own significant other,”

“Being single on valentines day isn’t all bad. I’ve saved so much money in my life by being single this time of year. Just stay positive and know that the best part of your life has yet to come,” Cotterman said.

Although this time of year might not be the best time, imagining your ideal Valentine’s Day could help brighten your mood and get you excited for future Valentine’s Days.

Reid said, “Even though I don’t like people to buy me things, I would like going out to dinner and watching movies because I just love watching movies.”

When asked what her perfect Valentine’s Day would look like Jones said, “A picnic on a beach and a hot-air balloon would be my ideal Valentine’s Day.”

Depending on your attitude on Valentine’s Day, it can be a pleasant or miserable day. You just have to choose if you want to be happy or not.

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