Ranking the Super Bowl commercials

Written by: Jacob Knoop

The Super Bowl is known for three things: a reason to throw banger parties for no other reason than that day being the same day of the Super Bowl, an exciting football game and funny commercials. The commercials have become a staple of the Super Bowl, with top-ten Super Bowl videos on YouTube and articles delving into the ads. This is what I am about to do, as nothing else interesting came to my mind.

Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials

5. Eli Manning & Odell Beckham Jr. ‘Dirty Dancing’ Ad
This ad follows Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. practicing their celebration dances after scoring. With impressive footwork, and a hilarious parody of the iconic dance from ‘Dirty Dancing’ this ad is a must see.

4. Mountain Dew Ice & Doritos Blaze Rap Battle
Doritos new spicy Blaze flavored chips, and Mountain Dews’ Ice faced off in a rap battle. Peter Dinklage and Busta Rhymes helmed the Doritos team, covering Rhymes’ verse from the song ‘Look At Me Now’, while Morgan Freeman and Missy Elliot took charge of the Mountain Dew Team, performing Elliotts’’ ‘Get Ur Freak On’. An exciting commercial with, in my opinion, Peter Dinklage coming out victorious. His verses were spot on, his movements well choreographed and the theme was stellar.

3. M&M’s: Red Turns Into a Human
In this hilarious ad for M&M’s we find Red, the red M&M, longing to be a human. He finds a lucky penny and makes his wish. Then he starts morphing into a strange creature. Danny Devito. Red, now Devito, celebrates by running across the busy street, immediately being hit by a car. He flies across the street and lands on a street vendor’s cart. He picks up the penny and wishes to be a M&M again. He shrinks down to a small M&M and is stepped. A very funny ad at the expense of Red’s health.

2. Amazon: Alexa Loses Her voice
In this commercial Alexa, Amazon’s version of Siri, loses her voice. What’s the backup plan? Replace her with celebrities. We see cameos from Cardi B, Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson and Anthony Hopkins. With an amusing premise, memorable performances and hilarious dialogue this is a must see commercial.

1. Tide: It’s A Tide Ad
The one thing almost all commercials have in common is clean clothes. Tide takes advantage with their commercial based around the premise, “If it’s clean it’s gotta be Tide,” It spoofs Matthew McConaughey’s ridiculous car commercials, beer commercials, shaving cream commercials and many more types of commercials. So which is the best commercial? The commercial that is all the commercials.

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