M A N I A album review

Written by: Catrina Lambert

On January 19th, Fall Out Boy released its new album, MANIA. Before its release, four of the songs (“Young and Menace”, “Hold Me Tight or Don’t”, “Champion”, and “The Last of The Real Ones”) were released in advance, due to the album’s release date being pushed back.

Overall, I rate the album nine out of ten. The songs on the album, in typical Fall Out Boy fashion, have confusing titles and poetic lyrics. The songs have tunes that are good music-wise, and while they have a slightly more electric-sounding beat than the albums before, are still distinctly the band’s style, and the music returned more to the rock-based music they were known for.

The odd titles from the past that make very little sense, like “Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea” and “Bishop’s Knife Trick” are also reminiscent of their earlier albums. The differing in sounds from previous years may be an indication of the band’s evolution. The style is certainly not for everyone, but if you like rock and pop, you’ll definitely like this album.

The angsty lyrics, too, like “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color” (Wilson [Expensive Mistakes]), are also reminiscent of the pop-punk style the band had for a very long time. One of the parts of the album that makes it so good, also, is the way the songs hide angsty and sometimes sad lyrics behind cheerful lyrics. fall-out-boy-mania-album-new-2018

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