Class of 2018 shares future plans

Written by: Hannah Akers/Managing Editor, Kristiana Lulgjuraj/Feature Editor, and Olivia Biddle/News Editor

The New Palestine High School class of 2018 has varying plans for post-graduation. With all the options, it’s not surprising that students are taking advantage of the opportunities available to them.

NPHS senior Melody Garrity is planning to attend Aveda Frederic’s Institute in Castleton.

“I’m going there for esthetics which is kind of like cosmetology, but it’s no hair and it’s no nails,” Garrity said.

Garrity will be doing massages, facials, makeup, and body waxing.

Garrity wants to go into this field because it’s what she has always been passionate about.

“Since third grade I’ve done makeup, but I wasn’t good in school, and I didn’t find anything I was passionate about except for makeup. I was passionate about doing makeup and doing makeup on other people because it is artistic and like a way to express myself,” Garrity said.

She is most excited about being able to build a clientele while working at the school.

Senior Bryce Trebley plans to go into the Army.

“My whole family really been in public service and I wanted the opportunity to travel a lot and the army gave me that opportunity,” Trebley said.

Bryce is excited to be able to get the chance to travel and help people.

“I have also always wanted to help people- getting the opportunity really to just help and be able to say I’m making a difference,” Trebley said.

Senior Elijah Domogala plans to attend the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

“I got into the business school and they make pretty good money. I’m generally good at business,” Domogala said.

As to why he wants to attend, he provides a unique answer.

“They have the best bread in the state,” Domogala said.

He says has tried all the bread in Indiana – regionally – and believes he has the qualifications to make this call. He even knows the best place to find bread on the campus.

“Usually you find the pigeons- they fly around with it in their mouth and you can steal it from them,” Domogala said.

Domogala has friends attending IU from the NPHS soccer team, which he didn’t play on. He also has friends from the golf team, which he did play on.



Bread lover Elijah Domogala waits. Photo by Kristiana Lulgjuraj.

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