Muse releases two new singles

Written by: Ellie Harris, Opinion Editor


After almost three years, Muse returns with its first release since the mildly disappointing “Drones” in 2015. The alt-rockers released their first single “Dig Down” in late 2017 and “Thought Contagion” in early 2018.

The two singles seem to carry on the dystopian storyline of “Drones”, but in a fresh, repackaged way. These songs aren’t necessarily a 180 for the band, but Muse is still making music no one else at their status in the music industry is: and the singles are promising if they’re a prelude to a new album coming this spring.

“Thought Contagion” was described by Matt Bellamy as, “‘Fury’ part two,” making reference to the bonus track on the “Absolution” album, though there were no direct references to the track musically, only a vague connection in lyrical interpretation.

The lyrics of this single are at the caliber we expect from Muse, so fans disappointed by the lyrical quality of “Drones” will not be let down- by this song at least. The only distracting thing about this song is that it sounds weirdly similar to “Walk on Water” by Thirty Seconds to Mars and it took a couple of listens to separate the two songs.

“Dig Down” is arguably the better of the two singles musically. Where it lacks in lyrical complexity, it makes up for in production. It sounds very similar to “Madness” but in a better, 2018-appropriate way. Both tracks carry similar sound palettes to their past projects, but the production quality is very much where it should be after three years.

“Dig Down” is good, but will probably not be the best song on this new album if there is one. If not, both of these songs still have a fun, revamped sound that ultimately show they’ve bounced back from “Drones.”

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