Clayton’s students write letters of comfort

Written by: Kristiana Lulgjuraj/Feature Editor, Hannah Akers/Managing Editor, and Olivia Biddle/News Editor

In light of the recent school shooting in Florida, New Palestine High School English teacher Caroline Clayton wanted to give her students an opportunity to give comfort to and express their feelings to the students involved via letter.

“One of the groups that I am in, the online groups, has one of the AP teachers from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. She said I want some letters of support for my kids,” Clayton said.

Clayton also believes these students need all the support they can get considering the negativity they have received from representatives.

“We have remodeled high school (to be) all about project based learning, that you can incorporate all this stuff, and that’s what those kids are doing is revamping the world, so we should be part of that,” Clayton said.

Clayton offered her students the opportunity because she believes they are very thoughtful people who have a lot of kindness to share with survivors.

“I’ve given them the chance and they all wanted to do it,” Clayton said.

Her students were also thankful for the opportunity. Junior Chloe Couch emailed Clayton after writing her letter to say she really appreciated that the class was being used to discuss real life events.

“I wanted to write one because (those students) need all the support we can give them,” junior and AP literature student Trevor Darley said.

Her students were interested in trying to give comfort to the students and show that they sympathize with their struggle.

“I just thought about if there were ever a situation like that, I would like to know that other people to show that same support for us, so I thought they would appreciate it,” junior Katie Gunn said.

The students wrote in support of the victims and their actions to make sure a tragedy like this doesn’t happen again.

“I wrote that it was awesome that they are trying to get stricter gun laws and that they are using their voice and not just being quiet about it and that I wish them the best in their journey and that we are thinking of them,” junior Megan Williams said.

Couch also wrote about how students taking a stand to make a difference is an incredible thing, and that she supported their courage and strength.

“I hope they know that students taking a stand has actually impacted other students,” Couch said.

Clayton’s students simply wanted the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to know they are not alone.

“I’m with them, Indiana’s with them, and the whole country in with them and that we’ll get through it,” junior Joey O’Dell said.


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