Where are students going for spring break?

Written by: Hannah Akers/Managing Editor, Kristiana Lulgjuraj/Feature Editor, and Olivia Biddle/News Editorpalm-clip-art-PalmTreeSurfBoard

New Palestine High School staff and students have several different plans for how they will be spending their final break from school. From Mexico to California to Greenwood, students and teachers will be traveling all over the continent.

A popular location for students to visit is Central America.

“I’m going on a cruise to Mexico, Honduras and Belize,” freshman Alyssa Doran said.

Not only will she be visiting all these countries on her cruise, she will also get the chance to play with monkeys on the cruise.

“I’m excited to get to hold the monkeys. They’ll climb around on you,” Doran said.

Doran isn’t the only student going on a cruise. Sophomore Ashley Herald’s family will also be taking a cruise, but through the Carribean islands.

“We’re going on a cruise to Jamaica, Cozumel and the Grand Cayman Islands,” Herald said.

Herald is most excited to see the beaches on these islands and get a view of the ocean.

Even outside of cruises, students have other vacation destinations in Central America.

Freshman Jagger Imel will be visiting Cancun in Mexico.

“I’m excited to see the beach and the water,” Imel said.

Senior Kimmy Ingold plans on visiting San Juan in Puerto Rico.

“San Juan is the capital and it was one of the cheaper spring break options,” Ingold said.

She also believes going to visit the capital would be beneficial to the country, since it were recently devastated by a hurricane and tourism is one of their big industry.

Ingold said, “I’m excited to go on the beach and get tan.”

Other students have plans to stay in the country. Sophomore Evan Denger is using his break time to visit Colorado.

“We’re going skiing, which is great because I want to see the mountains. They are huge,” Denger said.

Also in the west, freshman Jacob Rhodes is going to California.

“I have a lot of family there. I’ll be in San Francisco and seeing my family is cool,” Rhodes said.

Breaks don’t always have to be taken outside of the country or region or even state. Art teacher Clyde Gaw plans on simply going to Greenwood for his spring break.

“I’m taking my son to Greenwood,” Gaw said. “He loves the mall there.”

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