Students Weigh In on The 2018 Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics has drawn to a close. This year’s Olympics have been

eventful, as always. Overall, Norway was ranked highest with 14 gold medals, and Leichistan ranked last with one bronze medal. And, for the first time, America’s curling team beat Canada in one of Canada’s most popular sports, a historical event as Canada has never failed to win a medal in any curling event, according to the New York Times.

Viewers at NPHS have drawn a clear conclusion: they enjoyed the sports. According to NPHS senior Logan Whalen: “I watched both skiing and skateboarding, both men’s and women’s. I think the Olympics this year were more interesting than previous years.”

One of the events, figure skating, was held at Gangeung, South Korea. There were five events, with Canada receiving the most gold medals, and Spain ranking last with one bronze.

“I watched the figure skaters,” NPHS sophomore Emma Nobbe said. “They fell a lot, more than usual I think, but it was still pretty cool and was fun to watch. I didn’t really care who won, though. “
Two more events our students watched were skiing and snowboarding. “I was impressed by the young American who managed to break Shaun White’s records competing for the women’s side. I’m glad she won, she deserved it,” Whalen said.

And finally, another popular event was curling, a Canadian sport.

“I watched curling and skiing and snowboarding. The Americans could have done way better, honestly. It was a bad year. What I found interesting was that for curling, since it was a Canadian sport, it was funny to me because the team captains for two of the countries were Canadians and they needed interpreters because their teams were chinese or something,” NPHS junior Jacklin Barnhouse said.

However, many students did not watch this year’s Winter Olympics, or at least not much of it. The reasoning for this is simply that the Olympics are long, repetitive, and generally boring.

“[The Olympics] are interesting at first, and a lot of the stuff is cool to watch,” NPHS sophomore  Madison Young said. “After watching the sports so many times though, it just becomes repetitive and boring, like ‘didn’t I just watch this?’ because the competitions just repeat. I get tired of watching it.”

“I just don’t have any interest in it. That’s really the whole reason. I don’t really like sports at all, not unless I’ve played them personally,” NPHS sophomore Annie Meyer said.

Some students, such as those who only watch certain sports, will also only watch the sports that they understand or relate to.

“I usually only watch swimming because I know what’s happening, since I’m a swimmer and I can appreciate it better,” Nobbe said.

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