Spring break adventures

Written by: Dharma Rodgers

It is that time of year again: spring break. The snowy ground people from Indiana have become accustomed to usually is not gone by mid-march, when most schools have their spring breaks.

Officially, it is not quite spring yet (spring is official on March 20th) and it sure has not felt like it while still being below freezing. This past week, the temperatures have gotten warmer, reaching around 60. However some other states, like Florida or California where it is warm year-round, are a great place to vacation during spring break to get away from the dreary coldness, dirty snow and puffy coats that litter winter lifestyle for people all over the state.

This winter, temperatures reached approximately -19 degrees Fahrenheit (this temperature is including wind chill and without wind chill it got to approximately -5 degrees Fahrenheit) and that was just in New Palestine, Indiana.

Getting away to sunny states could be seen as a massive relief from the temperatures and weather that Indiana inhabitants have now become used to after months of dealing with the freezing cold winter temperatures.

Students such as Chris Smith, Marie Ostendorf, Kayla Jameson and Anna King are going to Florida this spring break.

“This year we are going to Orlando, Florida. We go to Florida every year (during spring break) but it’s a different city in Florida every year. We have gone to Orlando a few times before though,” junior Anna King said.

“I’m going to Florida with Kayla, actually. I usually go to Florida once a year, but I have not gone yet this year. I went last fall to see my aunt who lives by Miami,” senior Marie Ostendorf said.

Some families, however, intend to stay in Indiana and just do fun activities locally such as going to the zoo or the museum.

“Last year we went to Florida but this year we’re just going to go downtown indianapolis and probably just stay here and do local things. We’re gonna try to do new things that we haven’t seen before,” junior Amanda Schwartz said.

“We’re going to a cabin in Brown County for about three days. The cabin has a hot tub and a game room and there’s a pool somewhere nearby. The cabin is also near a little town so if we get bored we can just walk there,” junior Delaney Beale said. “We usually go to the Rocky Mountains for winter break and during the summer but we’re not going this spring break, sadly.”

There are plenty of things in Indianapolis to do if someone doesn’t have the time or money to leave the state and go somewhere warmer or visit family. For example, one could go to the Indianapolis zoo and visit the orangutans and the many other animals they have. There is a new exhibit in the children’s museum based off of the popular movies, Transformers.

A lot of people do not feel like going out and adventuring, they’d rather spend time at home watching TV and hanging out with their families and friends.

“I’m probably just gonna stay home and lay in bed most of it,” sophomore Katelyn Ott said.

A lot of families go to other states for day trips or to visit family that they don’t get to see very often because they live in other states.

“I might be going to Cincinnati to go to IKEA,” sophomore Katelyn Ott. “We go to Cincinnati a lot over spring break. We went to the aquarium a few years ago.”

“I’m going to Alabama to see my non biological family. They were with me when I was born and they’re not my actual family but I call them my family. I love going down there and spending time with them. The low there is like, 50 (degrees). We try to go as much as we can but it’s hard because we’re really busy with all of the horse shows,” junior Lauren Seib said.

“I’m going to Missouri because my dad lives there and most of my family lives in Ohio,” junior Caroline Koby.

It is clear to see that many people leave dreary Indiana over spring break and they go to different states for many different reasons but they all agree on one thing: spring break is a wonderful time to get a break from school.

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