NCAA Championship

Written by: Seth Buis

Monday night the NCAA crowned a new men’s basketball champion. The Villanova Wildcats battled the North Carolina Tar Heels for forty total minutes of play. This has been one of the greatest NCAA championship games in recent history, some are even saying that it is the greatest of all time.

The forty-minute brawl between both teams came down to the last second, well, the last half of a second. The game was something no basketball fan would have wanted to miss. Hustle, big baskets, and heart were all poured out into this game and gave it quite an exciting ending.

Villanova had a little bit of a lead with around 2-3 minutes left in the game, however UNC had something up their sleeve and had been working hard on cutting the lead.

Villanova at 74 points and UNC at 71, UNC with the ball coming down the court with about 12 seconds left. March Madness star Marcus Paige had the ball, looking to prove exactly why UNC was the number one seed in this tournament. Paige was dead set on shooting, even if it was over a couple defenders. Paige went up, double clutched, and threw up a prayer. Swish. Paige tied the game up, leaving Villanova 4.7 seconds left to make something happen.

Ryan Archidiacano from Villanova got the ball up the court in approximately three seconds with tight pressure, dropped the ball off behind him to Kris Jenkins who rose up with about a second left. The ball leaving his hand with 0.5 on the clock, the 3-point basket soared straight in to win the National Championship, bringing Villanova their second national title.

Monday night we witnessed one of the best basketball games of all time at the collegiate level, and that is exactly why they call it “March Madness.” Recaps and clips from the game can be found all over social media for anyone who happened to miss the greatness that occurred during that epic competition.

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