A case for puns

Written by Catrina Lambert

Puns are often used in teachers’ classes during lectures. Sometimes, they aren’t the best jokes,  but they keep people interested.

“I love puns. They make me smile and laugh. Overall they’re great, and I love it when teachers use puns. It makes the class more interesting and fun,” NPHS senior Daniel Spencer said.

Puns can also be used as a memorization format. Most people remember something better if it makes them laugh.

“I absolutely remember anything silly more than I’d remember, say, the Quadratic formula,” Spencer said. “A teacher who’s funny should really just get out there and do their thing during class.”

Other teachers, of course, decide to do this. NPHS Geometry and Statistics teacher Brian Kehrt is one of the most notable of the list. In every class, he uses puns and jokes in his lesson to teach, and sometimes even puts them on a quiz to see who was paying attention.

“It kind of goes back, for me, to my algebra teacher I had in high school. And he was somebody that made the class fun, at least for me, with puns and drawings that were humorous. Math can be kind of stale sometimes, you know, and he made it fun, and he was the reason I decided to become a math teacher as well, you know. ‘It’s not the person behind the calculator that makes the money, it’s the person who makes the calculator.’” Kehrt said.

“Teachers who are funny should get out there more often. You guys make me smile. So be yourself, and don’t let others put you down,” Spender said.



Teacher Brittany Huckaby teaches her class.


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