Commentary: The superior snack

Written by Shelby Horsley

Eating healthy stinks.

Nowdays, with this whole health trend mentality, it’s really easy to be enticed into eating healthier with the help of social media and other various outside influences. Dropping the chocolate bars and picking up the pineapple squares can be a really tough decision, but the decision can be more easily combatted with one sweet indulgence.

“It’s a beautiful pairing of something healthy and something not,” senior Danielle Parker said.

Nutella and pineapple, one of the sweetest snacks this world has to offer. Trying this wonderful mixture isn’t often thought about, but when it is, tastebuds around the world rejoice and sing for the glorious goodness that is the superior snack.

“I love pineapple. I love Nutella. Put them together and it’s an explosion in your mouth,” junior Emma Wiggington said after trying the wonderous pineapple and nutella for the first time.

The explosive yumminess of pineapple dipped, dunked, or slid into Nutella starts with the fruity flavor of the pineapple. Just one bite in it isn’t expected for the mouth watering taste to be masked, let alone complemented, by anything – and then there’s the Nutella.

“Nutella and pineapple is such an amazing mix of greatness. They compliment each other really well,” junior Danielle Romoser said.

The sweet, hazelnut chocolate spread is perfectly paired with all sorts of yummy snacks. On one hand there’s s’mores, on the other there’s strawberries. So much diversity for something with so much to offer, but when paired with pineapple there is no going wrong.

“I like the fruitiness of the pineapple and the chocolate of the Nutella put together,” Wiggington said.

While 34 percent of people surveyed like Nutella, there are a whopping 66 percent who are missing out on the greatness of one of my favorite snacks. There is no going wrong with pineapple and Nutella, after all, opposites do attract.

Don’t knock it ‘til ya try it!

Note: this is an opinion story.


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