Commentary: Radical third-wave feminism

Written by Catrina Lambert

Modern-day feminism, sometimes referred to as  third-wave feminism and mostly known for its ‘radical feminists’, is ridiculous. Third-wave feminism’s strange ideals can be found on any social media platform.

Unlike the first two waves, which focused mostly on getting a women’s right to vote and political and social equality to men, the third wave focuses more on trivial issues. Things that barely exist anymore, such as rape culture and the wage gap are some of the third-wave feminists’ main focuses. The radical third-wave feminists even mentions that things like wearing makeup and shaving your legs aren’t ‘feminist’ choices. Others still claim that men need to be ‘taught to not rape’, ignoring the fact that the 2000 AAUW data indicates that, while 57.4 percent of sex offenders were reported as male, the remaining 42.6 percent were female perpetrators (source:

Others still claim that they are for body positivity, when in reality, the majority of the body positivity focuses on overweight women who should not be fat shamed by doctors and men and claim that being morbidly obese is healthy and that type two diabetes, a type of diabetes caused mainly by an unhealthy lifestyle, is simply due to bad genetics and should not cause you to be healthier. An anonymous tumblr user even claimed that ‘diabetes is a fake disease created by doctors to shame women and take their money.’

Feminism, by definition, is the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men (source: Despite this, many of the radical feminists claim that they want more rights than men and even restrict their rights. One has even stated that, Men stress me out. Like, seriously. They shouldn’t be allowed to leave their house after sundown.” (source: It also seems that the new movement, instead of being focused on freedom, is focused more on restricting and insulting those who are either male or antifeminist. Some even claim that, “outspoken antifeminists have one thing in common: They’re unattractive.” (source: Instead of focusing on equality, modern day radical feminists appear to be focusing on becoming viewed as better than everyone else.

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