Reeding into the cafe

Written by Jared Reed

Whenever I’m in the New Palestine High School area, one restaurant always comes to mind – “The Cafeteria”. It is a fairly small restaurant that could seat around a hundred or so customers. With excellent decor, “The Cafeteria” seems to be going for a prison room vibe, and succeeding very well I might add.

However, the decor comes second when reviewing the service.When I first arrived at the doors it was clear this place was very busy. I waited forever for an employee to seat me at a table but no one ever came.

After having to seat myself I waited for 10 minutes trying to get the attention of one the waitresses, none of which took my order. After being fed up I decided to go into the kitchen myself to get some food. Apparently many others were also in the same predicament because there was a line to get into the kitchen for some reason.

After waiting in line I finally received a “hamburger”. Although, after taking a closer look, I felt it was more likely a cow killed whatever this meat is than the possibility of it being a part of the meal.

As I was walking back to my seat I saw a odd variety of foods on people’s plates, anything from pizza to tacos. This leads me to believe this restaurant is very indecisive on what kind of restaurant they are.

When I sat back down at my table I had just started to eat my food when a loud alarm went off. Shortly following this alarm many other customers began to leave, although I refused to as I had to finished my meal. Shortly after, the employees forced me out of the restaurant even though it was clearly not closed as more customers were coming in.

The cold, death-like environment intrigued me into trying this restaurant; however after closer examination I have found this place to be extremely disappointing. Having very unhelpful waitresses, being crowded at all times, and limiting eating time, I would recommend trying any other food establishment at New Palestine High School. Oh wait, never mind.
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