Falling into fall

Written by Marybeth Goodwin

Fall. The best season: orange leaves, pumpkins, apple orchards, and perfect weather. The transition from summer to fall seemed to happen in nearly a day. That is mostly how the weather tends to be here in Indiana, always changing quickly.

One day it is warm and sunny, and then the next it is cold and rainy. Everyone starts to change their wardrobe; wearing their jeans and coats. Here’s a typical fall style – wearing either dark green, tan, red, or orange shirts and jackets. All of those colors feel like fall. All of the colorful things in nature match those shades.

Flannels are a favorite to wear, especially oversized and comfy ones. Wear a flannel that matches the color of your shirt with it  buttoned up, unbuttoned, or tied around the waist.

Jeans are another necessity, especially ones with holes. Skinny jeans, flare, bootcut – any style that looks good on. For the shoes, good options are tall boots or flats. Toms are super cute. Buy any color to match a fall outfit from their website (www.toms.com) at a price of $55.

Wear some cute boots with the outfit. Wear tall, colorful leg warmers inside of them so you can stay warm too.

Since it is fall and that’s when it starts to get cold, add a scarf. Any color scarf will do, it will make the outfit pop.

DSC_0002 (1)

Senior Shelby Horsley dresses for fall. Photo by Marybeth Goodwin.

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