DIY Halloween costumes

Written by Olivia Biddle

Halloween is Monday, so in case you do not already have a costume, here is a list with cheap and quick DIY costumes.

Head in the clouds

This costume will take little to no time, but you need polyester fiberfill, wire, and a headband. Tear the fiberfill and fit it around the top of the wire; after that is done, attach the bottom of the wire to a headband. Pair with a white outfit and you are finished.


There are a couple different methods you could use to create the main piece. For each, you need a green shirt, sweater, or dress. If you have more time, cut about nine inch pieces of yarn; take 2-3 pieces of the yarn and tie them in a knot. Once you have done this, hot glue these pieces by the knot to your green apparel. This can also be done by using white pipe cleaners. If you choose to wear a shirt or sweater, pair it with khaki pants for the pot. Hot glue color pom poms, homemade or store bought, to you costume for flowers and/or add a flower crown or headband.

Snapchat filters

Gold butterfly filter: To recreate this snapchat filter, you are going to need gold petals or butterflies that can be found at a craft store, a headband, and gold glitter. Hot glue your gold accessories to your headband or clip them into your hair. Finish this look by applying gold glitter as highlighter.

Purple lips and sticker filter: For this filter, all you are going to need is a purple lip and stickers or temporary tattoos to put on your cheek.

Pink Flower filter: To recreate this filter, begin by applying blush to your cheekbones, like highlighter. Next, take some pink glitter on a dampened beauty sponge and pat that on top of the blush. To finish the look, take pink flowers and pin them into your hair.

Dog filter: To turn this popular snapchat filter into a costume, find the blank filter online and print it onto an 8×11 sheet of paper. Cut around each piece and attach the ears to a headband. Finally, attach the tongue to a thin dowel rod so you can hold it up and mimic the filter.

Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

This costume may require a bit more work than the others. For Harley’s costume, you are going to need a shirt to match Harley’s you can either buy or make yourself using fabric paint, red and blue shorts, a studded belt, fishnet panythouse, a “puddin’” choker, and lace up boots. To make Harley’s bat, find a blank baseball bat and paint on the “good night” lettering. Find a Harley wig, or if your hair is blonde, pull it into two high pigtails and use chalk to temporarily dye the ends, the right side red and the left blue. Place red and blue eyeshadows onto the lids of each corresponding eye and use your finger, and additional product if needed, to lightly smear out the product to create a crying effect. Harley also has on eyeliner and red lipstick. To create the small heart and the “rotten” on her right cheek, use black eyeliner or face paint and a small brush. To make this a couple costume, add the Joker. Take white face paint and apply it all over the face, scrunching the face at times so the paint will appear uneven. Next, take black paint and apply it in the eye area and set using black eyeshadow. For his smile, take scar wax or another silicone product that can be used to resurface skin and create two parallel lines connecting to the corners of the mouth; fill in using a black and deep red face paint or lipstick. To finish the look, find a green wig or temporarily dye the hair green and pair with either a casual snap-up shirt or slacks.

Chuck Noland and Wilson the volleyball from Castaway

This is a super cheap, easy costume, each clothing piece you can probably find in your closet. For Chuck, you need a white t-shirt and khaki pants as well as a lumberjack style beard and FedEx package. For the volleyball, add a red handprint to a white t-shirt using paint and smudge out with a foam brush.

Marty McFly and Doc from Back to the Future

For Marty’s costume, most pieces you may already have in your closet or can be found at a thrift store; you are going to need is a snap-up black and white checkered shirt, a jean jacket, red vest, and similar shoes to his white Nikes with the red swoosh. Top the costume off with headphones, a digital watch, and/or a skateboard. For Doc’s costume, find a white lab coat and an hawaiian shirts to pair with khaki pants. Include a white scientist wig. If you have time to accessorize, add steampunk goggles, a tool belt, and rubber gloves.

Struck by lightning

To make this costume, acquire and cut apart an old umbrella. Do the same to an old shirt; add black eyeshadow to the shirt and face to give the appearance of soot. To create the lightning bolt, cut a lightning bolt shape from foam and attach it to all all black outfit.

Dean and Castiel from Supernatural

This is a quick costume you could put together with pieces from your closet. For Dean, find any work shirt and either a brown leather or military styled jacket; add the Mark of Cain to make it more recognizable. Castiel’s main piece is a trench coat paired with slacks and dress shoes. To make this a group costume, have someone dress up as Sam by wearing either a brown hooded or suede jacket and a long sleeve plaid snap-up shirt.

Thing 1 & thing 2 + cat in the hat to make group costume

To make this costume, you are going to need two red shirts, dark fabric heat transfer paper, a printer, scissors, and an iron. Google Thing One and Thing Two images and print them onto the heat transfer paper. Iron your design onto the tshirt and pair with either a red or blue tutu or pair of shorts. The image could also be ironed on to a red dress or onesie. For the hair, find a blue scrunchie or cut pieces of blue fur and hot glue to a barrette and secure in your hair. To make this a group costume, add the Cat in the the Hat. To make this costume, find an all black outfit, attach a piece of white “fur” onto the shirt, and add a red bowtie to the top. The hat can be purchased at a costume store or made from red and white felt.

Three blind mice

For this costume, your group will just need matching black and cute mouse accessories like ears, a bowtie, and a cane.

3 Musketeers, the candy bar

If you have a trio and need a last minute costume, find a design of the 3 musketeers candy bar and divide it into three parts. Print each part onto a sheet of fabric heat transfer paper (dark if you are printing on dark shirts), and iron each part onto the three shirts.

Juniors Olivia Biddle, Kristiana Luljuraj, and Hannah Akers dress up as 3 Musketeers.

Juniors Olivia Biddle, Kristiana Lulgjuraj, and Hannah Akers dress up as “3 Musketeers.”

crazy cat lady

Teacher Angel Hughey dresses up as a crazy cat lady.

jedi and scare crow

Teachers Madonna McGovern and Lauren Temple dress up for Halloween.

mad scientist

Teacher Nicholas Mitchaner dresses up as a mad scientist.

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