Students share opinions on Trump

Written by: Olivia Ware

At this time tomorrow we will have a new president by the name of Donald J. Trump. After eight long years Barack Obama’s second term is up, regardless of if the American people felt he was deserving or not.

Trump has already suggested many new laws and ideas that he plans to implement during his presidency, and now is the time for them to start taking effect.

“I don’t really like Trump very much, but I thought he was the better option than Hillary,” senior Matthew Smith said.

No matter which political party you are in, there is no denying Trump’s presidency will be much different than Obama’s was. They have differing onions on almost every important subject, and seem to find it difficult to establish a common ground.

“I think Donald’s presidency will be great. I am really looking forward to him passing the Hearing Protection Act,” senior Aaron Kirklin said.

According to, the Hearing Protection Act focuses on removing silencers from the NFA (National Firearms Act) and instead having their transfer go through a traditional ATF Form 4473.

It is also an undeniable fact that Donald Trump has done and said some things that are not exactly presidential. For example, the way he treats women, his views on racism, and the time he mocked a disabled reporter are just a few.

“I just wish people wouldn’t get so upset about these things, they are just words,” senior Brandon Rennier said.

Upon being asked about his onions on Donald Trump’s comments about women, Smith had no comment.

“I think his presidency will be much different than Obama’s. There will be no more ISIS, and hopefully a friendship with Russia. I am also hoping to see a stricter trade rule on imports, and less illegal immigration because of the wall,” Kirklin said.

Trump has also made some racist comments, particularly regarding Mexican people.

“I don’t think he will be that racist, but I am definitely not looking forward to any racism at all. Something I like about him, though, is that he is not afraid to say the truth,” Smith said.

Trump also does not believe in climate change, and says it is a hoax.

“I think it is kind of a good thing that he does not support climate change. Climate change is real, but so is the debt. The money saved by not supporting climate change programs will decrease national debt, because our country is in a lot of debt right now,” Smith said.

No matter what the majority of Americans feel, Trump will be sworn in as our president tomorrow at noon.

“I think he will be an okay president because he has high standards and can’t be bought. He has a real commitment to making America better,” Smith said.

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