NPHS hosts annual blood drive


Written by: Asha McCarty

NPHS will host a blood drive Tuesday morning from 8 a.m.-1 p.m.Each year, NPHS hosts two blood drives, and the number of donors is expected to surpass previous years.

The boys basketball team is sponsoring tomorrow’s blood drive.

“The basketball team has been sponsoring it for the last few years we’ve done it. The Indiana Blood Center has us compete in a competition between four (Hancock County)  schools’ basketball teams  to see who can donate the most blood, percentage wise,” counselor and varsity boys basketball coach Trent Whitaker said. “It’s a great cause — do it if you can.”

If NPHS wins the competition for the most blood donated, the basketball team gets a pizza party.

“I always participate in blood drives, I have O-positive blood and it’s very rare, so they need my blood,” teacher Brittany Huckaby shares. “If you’re afraid of doing it, just don’t watch, and if you overthink about it, it’ll hurt worse.”

Those who donate blood just once have the potential to save three lives

“There is a huge need for blood donations compared to what we actually contribute, so it’s important for people to volunteer to give blood. It saves lives,” senior Joey Heidenreich said.

Those who donate blood can help save the life of a person who was caught in a deadly vehicle accident, or a premature infant in need of more blood. Blood transfusions can save the lives of many awaiting patients who need a greater supply.

The process of donating blood takes roughly a half hour and gives the community the opportunity to be part of the life-saving network. Donors must be 16 years old to donate and if you’re under 18, you need parental consent. Most people are eligible to donate. Donors also cannot have traveled outside of the United States over the course of the previous six months, and you cannot have any new piercings or tattoos. The Indiana Blood Center must see at least 550 individuals every day in order to meet this to patients’ needs in medical treatment centers located all across the state.

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