Professor Elemental review

Written by Catrina Lambert

Paul Alborough, mostly known by his stage name Professor Elemental, is a British rapper who specializes in a steampunk type of rap known as Chap-hop. He has written seven albums, the most recent of them being entitled Professor Elemental and His Amazing Friends, released the first of December of 2016. He has released albums almost once a year since 2008, when his first album, More Tea?, was released. He has also been on an episode of Phineas and Ferb.

Professor Elemental is a stereotypically British character created by Paul Alborough who lives in the steampunk era, which is a science fiction time period set in England in a version of the Victorian Era where steam-powered technology is often utilized. The Professor’s music often revolves around a storyline, especially shown in the album Apequest, in which the majority of the songs describes the Professor’s time travel adventures in search of his orangutan butler, Geoffrey.  Some of the songs that show the adventures the most in the album are ‘The Inn at The End of Time’,  ‘Weird Weird West’, and ‘End of Level Boss’, which all tell short stories on their own. The album incorporates other lesser-known singers and styles of steampunk music to give it its overall effect.

Professor Elemental is also an extremely positive person and writes music as such, as seen in the songs ‘All In Together’ from the album “Professor Elemental and His Amazing Friends” and ‘Please Don’t Feed The Trolls’ from the album The Giddy Limit, and ‘Splendid’ from The Indifference Engine, to name a few. Much of his music involves themes of being happy with yourself and life or other similar positive tones.profelemental

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