Review on Trump’s inauguration

Written by: Thomas NIemier

The United States of America has a new ruler as you have heard. Friday, January 20, 2017 will be an infamous day in our history. The first black president hands the torch to Donald Trump.

Our new president gave a perfect inauguration speech. He finally put the campaign behind him and united the country. His continuous use of the phrase ‘‘we’’ showed that he is ready to come together for the better of the country and unify the people after a nasty campaign.

“We are going to give power back to the people,” “We are one nation,” “We share one heart, one home, and one glorious destiny.”

Afterward Donald shared his most valuable principles that he will be following during his presidency. He promises he will “put America first.” Instead of going into specific policies he kept it short and sweet just stating his principles.

Donald did a good job at keeping the speech short, as it only lasted around 20 minutes. Talking at length does not make an inauguration speech any better in fact it can do the exact opposite. The three longest speeches came from less memorable leaders such as James K. Polk, William Howard Taft, and William Henry Harrison. The three shortest inauguration speeches come from the best presidents in history including George Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

“I enjoyed the speech. I think it was cool we got to watch it in class. I really enjoyed the Missouri State Choir they’re a lot of pretty singers.” sophomore Ryan Chester said.

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