Juniors raise funds

Written by Olivia Biddle

Juniors have the opportunity to raise money for their graduation and receive a free or reduced prom ticket for both their junior and senior year by participating in the junior class fundraiser.

“The majority of students participate in some way,” New Palestine High School teacher Amber Franklin said. “We are able to raise enough money every year to fund both prom and graduation.”

Students can sell magazines to family and friends to raise money, however, there are other items online including home decor, candies, foods, etc. Students have until February 17 to make sales and qualify for free or reduced prom tickets.

“We stick with this fundraiser because we get 50 percent of all sales for the junior class. If we did not do the fundraiser all students would have to pay for prom and no one could go for free or for a reduced price,” Franklin said.

This could also mean no money to go towards graduation.

Juniors are asked to talk to family, friends, or neighbors about buying either a magazine or an item online.

One to two sales means a $75 junior prom ticket and a $50 senior prom ticket; three to six sales means a $50 junior prom ticket, and three or more sales means a $25 senior prom ticket. Seven to nine sales gives the student a $25 junior prom ticket, and ten or more sales is a free junior prom ticket. If a student does not make any sales, he/she will have to pay the full price of $100 each year if they attend prom.

No students attend their senior prom for free except those on prom committee their junior year that participate in the fundraiser.

Students or parents can contact Franklin or Lara Czap with questions. czap

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